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2020’s Greatest Hits

If 2020 had a playlist, it probably wouldn’t be especially melodic…

That said, we’ve all had to open our minds to appreciate some different rhythms and potentially embrace a few new tunes lately. It’s likely you’ve learned a thing or two about yourself this year, and may have discovered you are more adaptable and capable under extreme circumstances than you imagined. Welcome to the club!

We’ve shared a lot of advice over the last twelve months, and we believe it’s all very relevant to leaders at any level, regardless of where they fall on the org chart or how many direct reports they may have. Here is a compilation of our five most popular blog posts of 2020…and while most of this information was published in the throes of a pandemic, it is all fundamentally true no matter what may be the world news du jour.

Please share these insights with your colleagues. We can all dust off our leadership skill set from time to time and benefit from a bit of introspection.

1) Four Conversations Every Leader Must Have

“If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.” -Jim Rohn

As a leader, are you saying what needs to be said? This blog outlines four types of conversations to have with team members in order to improve your own leadership, influence behavior of others and increase overall productivity.

2) Why Meetings Might Be a Good Thing

Meetings are undoubtedly one of the most commonly maligned aspects of work life, yet during a time of enormous numbers working from home in 2020, many are newly recognizing the real value of face-to-face interaction with team members. It’s not just the extroverts who are missing in-person workplace conversations. Nearly everyone who ordinarily reports to an office is feeling some degree of challenge with staying informed, motivated and productive.

3) Timeless Truths from Our Video Archives: “Impossible is an Opinion…”

We took a nostalgic journey through the Milestone Leadership video archives, and one thing was crystal clear. As we listened to the voices of leaders worth following: certain values truly are timeless. This quick-read blog shares a link to some good storytelling, including a true tale about a seemingly crazy promise made by Walmart’s one and only Sam Walton.

4) Three Ways a Coach Helps Leaders Get Game at Work

Being in top form for leading a team requires conditioning and a solid playbook. It also takes a coach who knows the playing field from personal experience. This blog explores how having the right coach can be a game-changer.

5) A Bend in the Road

In the words of Milestone Leadership‘s own Sandy Tush, “2020 has proven to be a road with some doozy turns that none of us saw coming.” That’s true, and also true is that you can find inspiration to help create a mindset to get you safely around those hairpin curves.

Written by: Kelly Syer, Milestone Leadership Associate

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