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A Winning Coach Strategy

A winning season definitely feels good.

As a Razorback fan, I’ve been really enjoying all the early football season victories over old rivals, especially as I reflect upon where the program has been over the past several years. In fact, when I think about it, I’m struck by how much good leadership means to a program or an organization.  At Milestone Leadership, our mission is to Build Leaders Worth Following.  I think Head Coach Sam Pittman’s leadership has set the tone for the amazing turnaround of the football program, even when every game hasn’t resulted in a ‘W’.  The staff and the players believe that he is a leader worth following, and what a difference it has made in the culture, the energy – and yes, the success!

As I think of Coach Pittman’s leadership in business terms, these are some of his traits I believe have made a tremendous impact:

  • His authenticity, humility and passion shine through and are unwavering.
  • He invests in relationships and empowers his players and staff. Pittman believes positive reinforcement is a greater motivator than fear.
  • He sets lofty goals, inspires his team to perform at their highest level, and then celebrates with them when they achieve results.

Recently, Coach Pittman said in an interview, “I don’t think you can reach your full potential out of fear, I think you can out of ‘want to.’ If someone brags on you and somebody else hears it, they want the same thing and it gets contagious.”

This philosophy is aligned with Ken Blanchard’s book Catch People Doing Something Right, in which he talks about empowerment.

Blanchard says to help people reach their full potential, catch them doing something right.  Be specific in your praise, provide it in a timely manner and encourage them to keep up the good work.  This practice provides more meaningful satisfaction and motivates enhanced performance.

For leaders, this is a good reminder to spend time catching people doing something right.  Positive reinforcement can be a great motivator and helps build a culture of empowerment and improved results.

Thanks, Coach Pittman, for the reminder.  Now go turn up that jukebox!

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Written by Lori Brown, Milestone Leadership Executive in Residence

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