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Allow the Swirl to Settle 

Imagine I am standing in front of you with a clear jar full of river water.

Now, picture me violently shaking up this jar. What would you see inside of the glass container? You would likely see various deposits and sediment swirling around in a murky cloud. For you to see more clearly through the jar of water, I would need to set it down on a table. We would need to allow the deposits and sediment to settle. 

Often, we encounter leaders who are functioning like a swirling jar of river water.

They are pushed, pulled and shaken in all kinds of directions. And like the jar of river water, there is a constant non-stop swirl going on in the inside of these leaders. The demands of constantly navigating problem solving, budget constraints, revenue targets, HR issues and at-home responsibilities is intense. The combination of these things inadvertently causes internal chaos for most leaders. This swirling chaos prevents many leaders from gaining the necessary clarity needed to think more strategically.   

Just like the process of setting down the jar of river water to diminish the murky chaos contained within, the act of stopping is what is needed. When a leader is willing to allow the swirl to settle, gaining the clarity they have been seeking is possible. Frequently, the biggest challenge for leaders is being willing to stop long enough to evaluate the trajectory of their leadership. However, until the swirl settles, leaders may never know whether they are on course or wandering off course.  

Our Milestone Leadership Intensive is designed to provide a space for leaders to pause and “allow the swirl to settle.” 

The Intensive is built to provide individual leaders necessary space to develop or hone their reflective thinking muscles. We provide intentional discussions, relevant content and a variety of speakers. As a result, our participants consistently leave with an actionable plan to advance their leadership practice.  

If you are finding yourself in the leadership swirl, I hope you will stop and allow the “swirl to settle.” Take some time and space to intentionally reflect, and you may be surprised at the clarity you receive.    

Click here for more information about our upcoming Milestone Leadership Intensive scheduled for November 9 – 12th, or inquire any of our future dates in 2022.  

Erik Dees is a Partner with Milestone Leadership and a regular contributor to Northwest Arkansas Business Journal. He can be reached by phone at (319) 504-3083 or edees@milestoneleadership.com.

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