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Sandy's Reading List - Leading the Organization

Posted on May 07, 2013 by The Soderquist Center

Leadership Pipeline, 2nd edition—Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel

In business, leadership at every level is a requisite for company survival. Yet the leadership pipeline -- the internal strategy to grow leaders --  in many companies is dry or nonexistent. Drawing on their experiences at many Fortune 500 companies, the authors show how organizations can develop leadership at every level by identifying future leaders, assessing their corporate confidence, planning their development, and measuring their results. They integrate the leadership development process with a succession planning process for a proven system that enables companies to constantly renew their pipeline without having to overspend for outside talent. Their comprehensive breakdown of the six primary leadership transitions in the pipeline apply to almost any company structure. The new edition will have a new foreword and preface;chapters will each have new "Observations from the Field Sections" with updates to the model, new stories and additional advice and a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. In sum they have added 25% new material. 

ISBN-10: 0470894563


The Effective Executive in Action—Peter F. Drucker, Joseph A. Maciariello

The Effective Executive in Action is a journal based on Peter F. Drucker's classic and preeminent work on management and effectiveness -- The Effective Executive. Here Drucker and Maciariello provide executives, managers, and knowledge workers with a guide to effective action -- the central theme of Drucker's work. The authors take more than one hundred readings from Drucker's classic work, update them, and provide provocative questions to ponder and actions to take in order to improve your own work. Also included in this journal is a space for you to record your thoughts for later review and reflection. The Effective Executive in Action will teach you how to be a better leader and how to lead according to the five main pillars of Drucker's leadership philosophy.

ISBN-10: 0060832622


The Wal-Mart Way—Don Soderquist

Since Sam Walton's death in 1992, Wal-Mart has gone from being the largest retailer in the world to holding the top spot on the Fortune 500 list as the largest company in the world. Don Soderquist, who was senior vice chairman during that time, played a crucial role in that success. Sam Walton said, "I tried for almost twenty years to hire Don Soderquist . . . But when we really needed him later on, he finally joined up and made a great chief operating officer." Responsible for overseeing many of Wal-Mart's key support divisions, including real estate, human resources, information systems, logistics, legal, corporate affairs, and loss prevention, Soderquist stayed true to his Christian values as well as Wal-Mart's distinct management style. "Probably no other Wal-Mart executive since the legendary Sam Walton has come to embody the principles of the company's culture-or to represent them within the industry-as has Don Soderquist," Discount Store News once reported.

In The Wal-Mart Way, Soderquist shares his story of helping lead a global company from being a $43 billion company to one that would eventually exceed $200 billion. Several books have been written about Wal-Mart's success, but none by the ones who were the actual players. It was more than "Everyday Low Prices" and distribution that catapulted the company to the top. The core values based on Judeo-Christian principles-and maintained by leaders such as Soderquist-are the real reason for Wal-Mart's success.

ISBN-10: 0785261192


Five Temptations of a CEO—Patrick Lencioni

Any executive can learn how to:

  1. recognize the mistakes that leaders can make
  2. avoid errors before they occur
  3. and much more!

Refreshingly original and utterly compelling, the story of this executive (written to be read in one sitting) will be enjoyed, remembered, and reread for years to come. It serves a timeless and potent reminder that success as a leader can come down to practicing a few simple behaviors—behaviors that are painfully difficult for each of us to master.

You won't find any dry management rhetoric in this razor-sharp novelette. Apply these riveting lessons in leadership with the self-assessment at the end of the book. It will change your career!

ISBN-10: 0787944335

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