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Andy Murray, Founder and CEO of Mercury 11, shares his insight on viewing life as a mosaic, not as a puzzle. You should take each piece and ask, “How does this fit?” instead of, “Does it fit?”.

What's Included?
This Video Discussion Kit includes everything you need to host a 1-hour leadership development session. The resource comes with a pre-made Slide Deck, a Leader's Guide, and printable Participant Handouts. See below for more details.

Intended Audience: Entry level to mid-level management
Total Time Required: 45 Minutes
Video Length: 3:08
Activity Included? Yes

1. Slide Deck w/ Video

The pre-made slide deck is ready for presentation. It includes the video, discussion questions, an activity, and key take-aways.

2. Leader's Guide

The printable leader's guide is packed with tips on how to prepare for and host the discussion session, take the conversation deeper, and make the experience memorable. The step-by-step format takes the guess-work out of preparation and delivery with content to read aloud, activity how-to's, and space to add notes.

3. Participant Handout

Printable handouts make it easy for participants to follow along, taking notes and interacting with the handout throughout the session. No need to purchase workbooks for every participant. Just print the handouts as you need them.

About Andy Murray

Andy Murray is the founder and CEO of Mercury 11 (, a marketing transformation agency that creates growth by helping companies take advantage of what disruptive technology now makes possible.
A serial entrepreneur and marketer with an unusual blend of creative and technology experience, Murray has worked with clients in both B2B and B2C ranging from Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Carrefour, Pepsico, DSM, LG, and Wendy’s to innovative startups.
Prior to starting Mercury11 in October of 2011, Murray was Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi X, an agency he founded in 1997. Saatchi X was a pioneer in shopper marketing and quickly became a global leader in its field with 13 offices built by Murray across the world in Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA and North America.

Life is a Mosaic

featuring: Andy Murray, Mercury 11 (Founder)

  • Up to 15 participants$99.00
  • Up to 50 participants$249.00
  • Up to 100 participants$399.00
  • For use with more than 100 total participants, call 866.752.7180 or email for a custom quote. Here's why.

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