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Eclectic Experiences: How Leaders Grow

The knowledge needed to be a great problem solver is best obtained from multiple places and different points of view.

Author and “questionologist” Warren Berger points out in his book A More Beautiful Question, “It’s useful to have some acquired knowledge on the problem – preferably gathered from diverse viewpoints. It also helps to have a wide base of knowledge on all sorts of things that might seem to be unrelated to the problem – the more eclectic your storehouse of information, the more possibilities for unexpected connections.” 

I love watching diversity of thought and experience play out in a room.

Last week I had the distinct honor of working with professionals from a wide variety of industries and organizations. I interacted with people who work in for-profit, nonprofit, governmental, and educational institutions. I heard thoughts from people who work in health insurance, telecommunications, utilities, logistics, manufacturing and finance – and the fight against food insecurity. Exposure to such an array of backgrounds is common in my work and one of the many things I absolutely love about it.  

My interactions last week happened both one-on-one and in a group setting. I even got to tour a fascinating production plant. It is always invigorating to broaden my own perspective and add tidbits of knowledge and understanding to my personal “database”. 

One of the greatest joys of the week was the group session I had the chance to facilitate. Ten leaders from an incredible assortment of organizations spent the day discussing how to lead strategically. I have a high level of confidence that every member of that cohort is now applying at least one new insight in their own leadership. Finding strategic solutions becomes especially powerful when you have collected useful insights from such a broad base of experience, knowledge, and personalities. 

Seize the opportunity to grow your own knowledge and leadership capabilities. 

So, where can you interact with a wide variety of professionals and add to your own eclectic storehouse of information? Without question, I recommend our Milestone Leadership Intensive program! Registrations are now being accepted for our November 9-12, 2021 session.  

Written by: Sandy Tush, Partner – Milestone Leadership

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