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We are a small but dynamic organization with a fun and fast-paced culture all centered on helping leaders become Leaders Worth Following. We have an array of collaborative roles on our team designed to help us to deliver excellent facilitated professional development to our customers.


Have you had the great fortune of gaining years of experience and professional development as a senior leader? Do you love pouring the benefits of your own career growth into others and positively impacting lives? Do you frequently find yourself in deep, transformative conversations with people and you are never sure how you got there? If you can relate to these questions, we recommend you consider looking into a role as an Associate of Milestone Leadership.

We have several accomplished team members who executive coach, lead programs, develop content, attract new customers and contribute to our culture—all while working on a project basis at their own pace and availability with the support of our full-time staff.

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Do you know someone searching for transformative leadership development who is not a current customer of ours? Would you like to earn some extra cash through our Referrals Program? If you send someone our way, Milestone Leadership will pay you a percentage of any qualified executed and fulfilled contract in gratitude for your formal introduction. In addition, we will continue to pay a smaller percentage for any ongoing contract business we agree to with the client you shared with us. Everybody wins!

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