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Lessons Come Full Circle

There are those moments, upon reflection, that are recognized as game-changers.

In 2007, I attended a program that had a significant impact on my own leadership journey.  A group then called the Soderquist Center—now Milestone Leadership—helped me shape my views of how I wanted to lead differently.  Through a unique lens of individual assessment data, I gained an understanding of how people saw me. This perspective helped reveal leadership growth areas and guided what became my Individual Development Plan.  I was allowed to spend time articulating my values and thinking about the legacy that I wanted to leave.  I was surrounded by an external peer network that became invaluable to me as I navigated my way as a new Vice President of Sales for Sara Lee Corporation.

Old lessons gain fresh relevance.

Fast forward to 2016…I had the chance to become re-acquainted with Milestone Leadership’s Circle for Suppliers Program. This six-month leadership development cohort-based program containing many of the same elements as the program I attended years before, now offered enhancements—such as half-day general sessions and executive 1:1 coaching sessions.  My career had taken me to new places, to include a leadership role with Kimberly-Clark where I had a fresh opportunity to help shape the development of another wave of high-performers. While there, I confidently chose to send several high-potential team members through the Milestone program and actively participated as one of the program’s executive coaches and mentors.  In fact, I believed so much in the program and the results I could see in my team members’ personal and professional growth, I decided to join the Milestone Leadership team as an Executive in Residence for my post-CPG career.  I am thrilled to now be able to pour the benefits of my experience into the next generation of leaders. I want part of my legacy to be my investment in building leaders worth following.

The opportunity is now.

One of the first leadership topics we explore together in the Leadership Circle for Suppliers program is “Building Strategic Partnerships”. We look closely at the role trust plays in building successful partnerships, and I can’t think of a better starting topic in our program. We gear our focus on high-performing and high-potential talent in the supplier community, recognizing that building successful partnerships in this community is an important foundation in one’s leadership journey.

If you know of someone that could benefit from this personally, please reach out to us.  We would love to partner with you on your talent development needs. For more information about the Leadership Circle for Suppliers cohort-based experience, please visit our website. We offer a very limited number of seats for each new cohort to ensure an intimate, highly personal opportunity for every qualified participant.

Written by Lori Brown, Milestone Leadership Executive in Residence

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