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Micayla Christensen: Learning to Lead on the Job

Micayla Christensen has served as a Project Coordinator at Milestone Leadership since 2019, assisting in the delivery of leadership programs while also pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Market Research and Consumer Insights at John Brown University. We caught up with her for a few moments to get some perspective on what she has learned during her immersive work in leadership development — and the kinds of experiences a future Milestone Internship recipient might expect.

Q: What specific skills have you learned through your experience at Milestone that you know will make you more effective as you take on future roles?

Micayla: Being a Project Coordinator at Milestone has transformed the way I think and act, taking me to a new level of professional development. I have grown in my communication with others, my problem-solving abilities, and my adaptability skills. As COVID-19 began, Milestone had to pivot to online programs. This challenge allowed me the opportunity to become adaptable and proficient in the logistics of a new form of program delivery.

Q: What have you unexpectedly learned about yourself over the last 18 months?

Micayla: I have learned that when I make mistakes it is important to own up to those mistakes, extend grace to myself, and learn from the experience. Thankfully Milestone has created an atmosphere of understanding. I have been able to go through this growth process with a team I trust and can turn to during these times.

Q: Is there a particular quote or concept you have picked up during your time at Milestone that especially resonates with you?

Micayla: At Milestone, one of our values is “excellence.” I have taken this on as a personal responsibility, creating an excellent experience as I work with both customers and Milestone team members. Because of this, I have found greater value in the work I produce. As I prepare for the next step in my career, I am better able to understand the importance of performing with excellence.

Q: What do you believe is unique about the Milestone organization?

Micayla: As a girl from a small town in Indiana, I never thought it would be possible to work with some of the world’s top emerging talent. For anyone considering an opportunity with Milestone, the experience provides the opportunity to work with and learn from amazing leaders across multiple organizations, enabling you to expand your network. Because Milestone is a small organization, you are able to wear multiple hats and get experience in lots of different areas — including research, facilitating, and process creation. The team is always very supportive of your goals and willing to help you learn new skills as you grow in your career.

Q: What or who has especially inspired you during your Milestone experience?

Micayla: Milestone’s mission of “Building Leaders Worth Following” has inspired me during my Milestone experience. This phrase has been the point through which everything flows, including the work that I do.


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