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Mirror, Mirror…

We all have blind spots.

If you catch yourself thinking, “I don’t have blind spots,” there’s a good chance you just discovered your first one!

A tool I can always count on to illuminate aspects of my own and others’ unique (and often otherwise unrecognized) attributes, is The Birkman Method.

The first time I saw “withdrawing, fatigued, indecisive, pessimistic, and overly sensitive to criticism” suggested by Birkman as some of my potential stress reactions, I wasn’t sure I was buying it. Then as I sat in my office one day feeling like I just wanted to escape my day, I reviewed that list a little more openly. On that particular day, I needed to push forward with some actions. But decisions were needed, and none of the options looked good to me. I also was feeling a bit hurt by a pretty innocent comment from a colleague, and I really just wanted everyone and everything to go away and leave me alone.

Hmmm, maybe I really was exhibiting those stress behaviors after all!

Those phrases from Birkman served as a very effective mirror once I was willing to peer into it. No longer being oblivious to those behavior tendencies makes it at least a bit easier to combat them. I have also seen words in Birkman reports illuminate blind spots for lots of other people over the years. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I’m not sure I do that,” and very quickly hear teammates chime in with stories wrapped in an overall message of, “Oh, yes, you do!” While this certainly happens to help someone understand their unproductive behaviors, it also happens in beautiful moments that affirm strengths.

That’s one of the cool things about being brave enough to uncover our blind spots.

Sometimes there’s an incredible, previously unrecognized, natural strength just waiting to be acknowledged and unleashed. Leaders worth following understand self-awareness is a critical skill and increasing it is a lifelong journey. If you are reading this and have Birkman data available to you, get it out. Read your report again. I guarantee you will find a new nugget of insight.

Here’s a specific challenge for you:

Focus on each area of your report that presents your “Usual Behavior”. What natural strength has been sitting in your blind spot that you can now leverage more?

Written by: Sandy Tush, Partner – Milestone Leadership

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