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We're Rebranding!

 We are excited to announce that Soderquist Leadership will be rebranding to Milestone Leadership, and transitioning our brand to reflect our new name and look.

This is something we have been working on for a large portion of 2017, and are eager to finally show it to you!

Why the change? With Don’s passing, the need for a name that transcends the founder was recognized. The Soderquist family is excited about this new chapter for the organization and our opportunity to build on the legacy the founders intended.

Why Milestone? Milestone refers to an action or event that marks a significant stage in progress or development. Our Milestone Leadership Intensive program is one of our favorite programs and really reflects the heart of what we have been about for the last 20 years: developing leaders at their core and digging deep into what makes them someone others can follow.

We feel this concept is so central to our work over the years, that during this transition we also updated our mission statement to reflect that. Our mission is Building Leaders Worth Following. This encompasses what we’ve believed in since our founding, developing leaders at their core. We have been researching and exploring this idea, and will be bringing that fresh perspective into our programming.

What won’t be changing is that we are still the same group of passionate professionals with diverse skill-sets, tools and experiences who believe in the value of building leaders. We still offer exceptional leadership development services for individuals, teams, and organizations. We are still dedicated to walking alongside our customers as partners together on their leadership journey to create Milestones that spur meaningful change for themselves and their organizations.

We are looking forward to continuing to serve you and your organizations to help build your leaders.

Mission: Building Leaders Worth Following


Vision: Our brand is sought out because we bring a fresh perspective on leadership

Values: Excellence, Trustworthiness, Personal Growth, Discovery, Collaboration