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A cohort-based experience designed to support key talent
in developing the skills necessary to deliver business results and build leaders worth following.

Unique access to industry leaders and expert content facilitation by Milestone Leadership’s senior staff and select partners in a small-group format.

Cohorts of just eight-ten participants—cross-company—will learn together how to:

  1. Partner with Walmart to deliver results Grow strategic partnerships and trust to deliver greater results
  2. Influence their internal organization on a larger stage
  3. Effectively impact a cross-functional organization
  4. Manage stress to sustain high performance
  5. Use data and the analytic process to drive decisions
  6. Build a diverse, local industry network
  7. Become a leader worth following

    Includes: five, half-day cohort sessions, up to four hours of assessment-based executive coaching, and enrollment in the Milestone Leadership Intensive.

    Price: $9,800

    Participating companies: General Mills | Tyson | Kimberly-Clark | 3M | PepsiCo | P&G | Fishin Co. | Jennie-O | Land O' Frost | Hampton Creek | Nestle Purina | Simmons | Unilever | BCS 

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    Your Facilitators:

    Ashley Buchanan
    Chief Merchandising Officer, Sam's Club

    Marybeth Hays
    Executive Vice President, Consumables, Health and Wellness - Walmart U.S.

    Dirk Herdes, VP of Retail Services, Nielsen
    Dirk Herdes
    VP of Retail Services, Nielsen

    Lori Chalmers, VP of Operations, Soderquist Leadership
    Lori Chalmers
    Chief Executive Officer, Milestone Leadership

    Executive in Residence, Soderquist Leadership
    Alex Cornett
    Executive in Residence, Milestone Leadership
    Former Team Leader at Pillsbury/General Mills