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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a dynamic process for your emerging leaders that compliments your internal development efforts and couches leadership into your organization's cultural context. Academy is a multi-session program with both flexible timetable and location. Contact us to learn more.

Give your high-potential leaders the opportunity to learn, discuss, and apply foundational concepts through these core elements:

  1. Practical and experiential learning with colleagues
  2. Individualized assessment data
  3. Projects between sessions
  4. Resources to enhance learning
  5. Access to accomplished senior leaders
  Download the Case Study, How AgTexas built their own Leadership Academy

Three distinct themes - Lead Yourself, Lead Others, and Lead Your Organization - provide a multi-format approach beyond classroom learning alone. Participants will learn from accomplished senior leaders, experiential initiatives, personalized assessments, and assignments between courses. Each session builds with specific new focus and set outcomes…


1. Lead Yourself:

Improve self-awareness and self-management skills using assessment data.

Recognize the role stress plays in our behavior.

Gain a clear framework to align personal and organizational values.

2. Lead Others:

Improve emotional intelligence in relationship with others.

Recognize the powerful and specific impact of leading well.

Identify and apply the characteristics of effective teams.

3. Lead Within The Organization:

Identify best practices of executives and self-assess current skills.

Understand how individual leader's uniqueness impacts the organization.

Better prepare for leadership transitions and new assignments.


Individuals complete the academy with an articulated personal leadership philosophy and a fresh new approach to their leadership style. Many of our past participants have gone on to become highly valued leaders at their organizations.



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