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Shape your Organization

Shape your Organization

We all know that organizations should be constantly evaluating and changing to meet the fast-paced demands of the world today. But sometimes the urgent day-to-day operations make it difficult to do the long-term planning that is vital to success.

Our goal is to help you create an environment where goals are clear, simple, and actionable so your leaders at all levels can make decisions and stay focused on what’s most important.

Strategic Planning

Build a strategic plan based on the values established by your organization. Your plan will be specific, with action steps and owners; achievable, a few pages, not hundreds; and practical, based on the next 3-5 years, not 10. Then, we’ll stay with you through implementation and help you create a communication plan for your board, your team, and key stakeholders.

Mission, Vision, & Values

This 1½-day session is designed to focus your senior team and board around the foundation of your organization. Facilitated workouts will produce complete statements of your organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Team initiatives will accelerate and deepen the alignment of the team to these shared commitments.


Bring the entire organization together to discuss key topics for non-profit leaders, such as:

  • Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
  • Managing and Influencing Volunteers


Strengthen your Team

Strengthen your Team

In today's environment, having your team performing at their best is a necessity, not a luxury. Aligning your team to enhance productivity, collaboration, and execution can mean the difference between huge success and mediocrity.

Senior Team & Board Alignment

Take the executive level leaders and board members at your organization through a multi-stage process to become a more cohesive unit. Together, you’ll build new behaviors, set higher standards, overcome challenges, and achieve the shared commitment necessary to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. Kick off with interviews and assessments, and finish with a completed set of unique “rules of engagement” to communicate new expectations organization-wide.

Team Performance

Let us help you jump-start your team toward high performance. In the classroom, identify barriers to team performance through a look at team and individual assessment data, and then drive home concepts you learned through practical experiential learning activities. Topics include: problem solving, performance and results, trust and accountability, and more.

Team Building

In order for your team to be performing at their best and achieving maximum impact, they need to know and trust one another. Let us help you foster that environment by creating an unforgettable outdoor team experience including: high ropes, low ropes, and zipline.


Sharpen your Leaders

Sharpen your Leaders

At Milestone Leadership, we believe that investing in your people has a significant return. The evidence of a great leader overflows into their organization and the communities they serve. When leaders are performing at their best, everything else follows - including results.

Our goal is to help your leaders maximize their strengths, identify blind spots, and take their performance to the next level.

Milestone Leadership Intensive

Milestone is a foundational leadership program that will bring clarity to who you are as a leader. By uniquely blending assessments, executive guest speakers, 15 cross-industry peers, experiential initiatives, and reflection time, we create a powerful 3½-day experience designed to enhance your readiness as a leader.
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1-on-1 Leadership Development & Coaching

1-on-1 sessions are designed to provide a sounding board for decision-making, and prepare the leaders for future roles or enhance effectiveness in their current role. Identify specific development areas using assessment data and create a focused Individual Development Plan.




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