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Refund Policy

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the program you attended, service you received, or digital product you purchased, please let us know at 866.752.7180 or support@milestoneleadership.com and we will issue you a full refund.

We truly value our customers' opinions and appreciate any feedback you are willing to share with us. Our number one goal is to deliver an excellent service or product that meets the identified objectives.

Privacy Policy

The information you share with us is never sold, traded, leased, etc. We respect you, your privacy, and your inbox.

This information is only used by Milestone Leadership and select third-party services that share our appreciation for privacy and security.

Terms of Service

Milestone Leadership Video Discussion Kits for sale are only to be used as described on our website. For example, a kit purchased for $99 to be used in training for "up to 15 participants" may not be shown to, or used in any way by, more than 15 participants.

Multiple price and quantity options are available through our online store, and we offer custom cost-per-participant pricing for quantity use not available online. Contact us at 866.752.7180 or support@milestoneleadership.com to learn more or place a custom cost-per-participant order.

We hope you love our Video Discussion Kits and want to continue using them to host meaningful leadership discussions with your team! When you have used up all the "participant seats" purchased (whether all at once, or over multiple sessions), we encourage you to simply repurchase through our eStore.