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Video Discussion Kit pricing

Our Video Discussion Kit pricing structure is designed to fit any size group.

We offer a low price point for small groups and a low price-per-participant for large groups. There is no per-person fee to track and manage. Simply estimate the number of people you will train and purchase the appropriate license.

For use with more than 100 total participants, we ask that you contact us for a custom quote.

We don't list our resources for groups over 100 for 3 reasons:

  1. Paying a large amount with a credit card online is a little scary. Call us and we'll assist you with your unique order.
  2. You don't want to pay for 200 participants if you only have 101.
  3. If you're using this resource on a regular basis, or with a large group, we'd love to talk with you and lend extra assistance where we can. This could range from phone tech support the day of, to one of our trained facilitators delivering the content in-person.

Call 866.752.7180 or email for a custom quote.