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Senior Team Alignment

Many teams have committed and hard-working members, yet still lack optimum performance. High Performing Teams demonstrate the same key attributes, regardless of context. They set higher standards, overcome challenges, and deliver RESULTS that exceed expectations, consistently.

The one factor that separates a good team from a High Performing Team is a sense of Shared Commitment. Shared Commitment is about the willingness to sacrifice or give up something important for the team. To achieve Shared Commitment, teams must be perfectly aligned.

Milestone's Leadership’s Senior Team Alignment Program is a data-driven process that provides clarity on the behaviors and issues that impede alignment for high performance. Teams walk away having built muscle around Rules of Engagement for how the team will work together in the future. Two half-day follow-up sessions benchmark progress and promote lasting behaviors that become team Principles of High Performance.

1. Overview

Explain session purpose, flow, & overview to all participants. Leader sets expectations.
(1 hour)

2. 1:1 Interviews

Interview participants to determine the current state based on attributes of high performing teams.
(1 hour)

3. Executive Review

Leader is given overview of session flow, expectations, and an overview of data for HPT Session with the whole team.
(1 hour)

4. High Performing Team Session

Discuss HPT attributes in light of the collected data. Create team protocols (rules of engagement).
(1 day)

5. Follow Up

Follow-up sessions occur 3 and 6 months post HPT Session to reinforce and build upon high-performing practices.
(2 half days)

The #1 Factor that Separates Good Teams from High-Performing Teams DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER