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simple, actionable strategic plan

Build a strategic plan based on the values established by your organization. Your plan will be specific (with action steps and owners), achievable (a few pages, not hundreds), practical (based on the next 3-5 years, not 10), and we'll stay with you through implementation.


Level 1

Mission, Vision, Values

This 1.5 day session is designed to focus a senior team around the foundation of an organization. Facilitated workouts will produce complete statements of the organization's Mission, Vision, and Values. Team initiatives will accelerate and deepen the alignment of the team to these shared commitments.

Organizations will:
• Discover current perceptions of the organization and industry best practices.
• Create/validate mission, vision, and values.
• Develop a plan to communicate the MVV to the organization and their constituents.

Level 2

Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures

This 1.5 day session provides opportunity for senior leaders to establish how they will accomplish their 3-5 year vision through a decision-making process that focuses their energy. The guided workout narrows the focus of the work to be completed.

Organizations will:
• Understand their current state through a SWOT.
• Identify the strategic priorities and how they will be measured through OGSM.
• Develop a plan to communicate the OGSM to the organization and their constituents.

Level 3

Build & execute the plan

Level 3 of Strategic Planning includes a one-day action planning day, plus follow-up meetings, and an executive review. This action is important to the overall success of the strategic planning process.

Organizations will:
• Create action plans/owners based on strategic priorities.
• Engage in a process of accountability and executive review.
• Receive a complete strategic planning report.


"We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and facilitation skills that Milestone Leadership provided us during our Strategic Planning process. They guided a common-sense plan with a clear approach, kept us on track during discussion and helped us create a plan that is both visionary and achievable. I personally have had several experiences with Milestone Leadership, including strategic planning at two different organizations as well as several personal leadership training opportunities. I would highly recommend the team at Milestone Leadership for all your planning and leadership training needs."

—Cyndi Bilyeu, Executive Director, Sunshine School and Development Center


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