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Team Dynamics

Team Health Check

Check the pulse of your team with an assessment-based workout around 5 characteristics of effective teams.

This 1-day program is designed to aid in determining and evaluating the health of your team through the “Team Assessment” survey, facilitated discussion on strengths and weaknesses of the team, and active team learning to bring surfaced insights to life.

Key Elements:
• The “Team Assessment” survey to reveal perceived ranking within the spectrum of each characteristic, & explore growth opportunities.
• Experiential initiatives.
• 30 day post-event check up



Team Dynamics

Discover the unique strengths of individuals & leverage to become a high-performing team.

This 1-day event focuses on high-pressure situations to help your people understand their roles within the team through individual assessment, facilitated discussion, and active team learning.

Key Elements:
• The Birkman Method® Assessment to identify diverse personalities, areas of challenge, & opportunities.
• Experiential initiatives.
• 30 day post-event check up.


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