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Milestone Leadership

In this 6 Video Discussion Kit Bundle, David Glass and Don Soderquist, retired CEO and COO of Walmart (respectively), talk about the values, culture, leadership, results, and decision-making that made Walmart one of the most successful companies in history.

Includes the Following 6 kits (all 1-hour sessions):

Achieving the Unachievable
Walmart was able to achieve a level of success that no other company has ever been able to duplicate. David and Don led the company during a period of Walmart’s most rapid growth. They were at the helm as Walmart added hundreds of billions of dollars to their top line. Many people thought this kind of success was impossible. Sam Walton (the founder of Walmart) believed if they did things right and took care of the customers, there would be no limit to what they could do. David and Don made Sam Walton’s vision a reality. Preview Kit.

Keep it Simple
In addition to a strong set of core values, another important part of Walmart’s culture that allowed them to achieve remarkable success was their ability to keep things simple and to test all kinds of ideas by giving people permission to fail. Preview Kit.

Ingredients of Good Leadership
David and Don certainly know a thing or two about what makes a good leader. This is a 7-minute video of David and Don talking about the ingredients of good leadership. Preview Kit.

A Leadership Legacy
am Walton is a legend in the business world. He built the world’s largest company, starting out as a small retail store in rural Arkansas. His legacy and the principles he founded the company on continue to drive the culture to this day. David and Don arguably knew Sam better than anyone. In this 4½ minute video, David and Don talk about the incredible legacy of leadership established by Sam Walton. Preview Kit.

Don't Kill the Mavericks
Walmart was never satisfied with their success. No matter how big they got, how many awards they won, or profit they enjoyed, they were always looking for ways to improve and learn from their mistakes. One of the ways they were able to constantly improve and find new ideas was by cultivating what David and Don refer to as “mavericks.” Mavericks are the people who are willing to do things differently, to try new ideas at the risk of failure. This is a short video, only 2 minutes, but it contains some very important points that we need to pay attention to. Preview Kit.

Hard-Fought Decisions
Effective decision-making was a critical factor in Walmart’s success. Good leaders know how to bring people to a decision quickly even when there is strong disagreement on what the decision should be. In this 4-minute video, David and Don talk about how great leaders make effective decisions. Preview Kit.

About David Glass and Don Soderquist

David Glass and Don Soderquist

In the 1990s, David Glass and Don Soderquist led Walmart through a period of unprecedented growth. Under their leadership as CEO and COO (respectively), Walmart grew from being the largest retailer in the world with sales of $44 billion, to becoming the largest company in the world with sales over $200 billion. Walmart’s success is grounded in the highly ethical, performance-focused, servant leadership philosophies that founder, Sam Walton, David, and Don instilled in the hearts of every associate. The two have received numerous awards, including the Retail Hall of Fame to Mr. Glass and the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame to Mr. Soderquist. David continues to serve as a member of the Walmart Board of Directors and is now Owner and CEO of the Kansas City Royals. Today Don’s passion is to teach the values-based principles he has learned during his career to organizations around the world. One of the ways he achieves this vision is through The Soderquist Center for Leadership & Ethics.

Bundle Featuring: David Glass & Don Soderquist

featuring: David Glass & Don Soderquist, Walmart (retired)

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