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Bill Pollard shares a story from his friendship with Peter Drucker, world-renown management expert, which helped him learn a valuable lesson in humility.  

What's Included?
This Video Discussion Kit includes everything you need to host a 1-hour leadership development session. The resource comes with a pre-made Slide Deck, a Leader's Guide, and printable Participant Handouts. See below for more details.

Total Time Required: 35-40 Minutes
Video Length: 5:32
Activity Included? Yes

1. Slide Deck w/ Video

The pre-made slide deck is ready for presentation. It includes the video, discussion questions, an activity, and key take-aways.


2. Leader's Guide

The printable leader's guide is packed with tips on how to prepare for and host the discussion session, take the conversation deeper, and make the experience memorable. The step-by-step format takes the guess-work out of preparation and delivery with content to read aloud, activity how-to's, and space to add notes.


3. Participant Handout

Printable handouts make it easy for participants to follow along, taking notes and interacting with the handout throughout the session. No need to purchase workbooks for every participant. Just print the handouts as you need them.

About Bill Pollard


Bill PollardBill Pollard joined ServiceMaster in 1977 and has served twice as its Chief Executive Officer. His first term as CEO was from 1983 to 1993, a period characterized by major change in the structure and direction of the business, including the introduction and rapid growth of the company’s Consumer Group. In October 1999 Bill returned as CEO of the Company and served in that role for a period of 16 months until the process of identifying and electing his successor was completed. Bill also served as Chairman of the Board of ServiceMaster until 2002.

During his leadership of the Company, ServiceMaster was recognized by Fortune magazine as the #1 service company among the Fortune 500 and also was included in its list of its most admired companies. ServiceMaster also was identified as a “star of the future” by The Wall Street Journal and recognized by the Financial Times as one of the most respected companies in the world. During this period, the Company achieved market leadership in each of its markets and substantial growth in shareholder value.

He is the author of a best selling book, The Soul of the Firm, and also has written for or contributed to other books and magazines including The Leader of the Future, Leading People, Leading for Innovation and Organizing for Results, and a host of others.

Humble Pie

featuring: Bill Pollard, ServiceMaster (Retired)

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  • Up to 50 participants$249.00
  • Up to 100 participants$399.00
  • For use with more than 100 total participants, call 866.752.7180 or email for a custom quote. Here's why.

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