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As the retired Chief Operating Officer of Walmart, Don Soderquist is often asked, “How has Walmart done it?” or “What’s the secret?” His response is that there is no secret, no magic formula. In fact, the principles that launched Walmart into unprecedented success are so simple it’s easy to overlook their significance.

Don Soderquist was part of the leadership team that grew the company from $1 billion in sales to $244 billion (the largest company in the world at that time). This video is a rare, inside look at two of the principles that guided one of the greatest businesses of all time.

Okay, so there is one secret after all. Whether your company has one employee or a million, the principles Don shares in this video will dramatically work for you too.

Two of the Keys to Walmart's Success

featuring: Don Soderquist, Walmart (retired)

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