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Many teams are composed of committed and hard-working members, yet they still fall short of optimum performance. In contrast, High Performing Teams demonstrate the same key attributes, regardless of context. These teams set higher standards, overcome challenges and deliver results that consistently exceed expectations.


  • Practical and experiential learning with colleagues
  • Individualized assessment data
  • Projects between sessions
  • Resources to enhance learning
  • Access to accomplished senior leaders
pricing varies
This is a highly customizable program.

This course is specifically designed to support and enhance senior leadership teams.

Senior Leadership Teams experience
a progression of the following:

  1. Overview: Milestone Leadership facilitator explains the session purpose and flow, as well as offers an overview to all team members. The participating organization’s leader sets the expectation for the group.
    (1 hour)
  2. 1:1 Interviews: The Milestone facilitator interviews participants to determine the current state of the team, framed within the context of defined attributes of High Performing Teams. (1 hour per participant)
  3. Executive Review: Milestone Leadership meets with the organizational leader to share an overview of the upcoming High Performing Team Session flow, expectations, and an overview of the one-on-one interview data gathered for use during the session. (1 hour)
  4. Team Session: Milestone presents and leads discussion around High Performing Team attributes in light of collected data, and together the group creates team protocols (Rules of Engagement.) (1 day)
  5. Follow Up: The senior team convenes for follow-up half-day sessions to reinforce and build upon learnings three and six months after completion of the High Performing Team session. (2 half-days)
data-driven process

Milestone’s Leadership’s Senior Team Alignment Program is a data-driven process that provides clarity on the behaviors and issues that impede alignment for high performance. Teams complete the course having built muscle around Rules of Engagement for how the team will work together in the future. Two half-day follow-up sessions provide the opportunity to benchmark progress and reinforce lasting behaviors that become established team Principles of High Performance.

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