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Sharpen the Saw – COVID Style

You are probably familiar with the 7th habit of the famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The story line behind the message is of a lumberjack who toils away, working harder and harder while becoming less and less productive. The wise advice is to pause the effort and take time to sharpen the saw.

What is my saw and how do I sharpen it?

Sharpening the saw involves the renewal of four distinct types of energy: physical, mental, emotional/social, and spiritual. Staying committed to the practices that each of us employ to stay strong in all these areas is hard work. It is a lifelong challenge involving trying, failing, and trying again and again. We know it is important to pull away at times for a concentrated focus on growth. A time to ask important questions of ourselves and be sure the day-to-day tasks – like that next tree in front of the lumberjack – are not consuming us at the expense of our seeing the bigger picture.

Now is when I make a shameless sales pitch for our upcoming Milestone Leadership Intensive session next month – September 22nd-24th.

Like you, our world at Milestone Leadership has been shaken up by the coronavirus pandemic in ways we have not experienced before, disrupting our traditional approaches. We are finding our way through these challenges with concerted efforts by our team, as we create new ways to Build Leaders Worth Following. We have adapted. And it’s working! Last week, a group of leaders completed our first ever 100% virtual Milestone Leadership Intensive program. The insights they uncovered and the commitments they expressed are impressive.

Sequestering at a retreat center may not be a wise move right now, but that’s no reason to put your personal saw sharpening on hold. Please join us for our upcoming Milestone Leadership Intensive, where Leaders Worth Following are built. Details of the program are here, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about our training: https://milestoneleadership.com/milestone-leadership-intensive/ .

Call to register: 866-752-7180. Or fill out the form online.

Written by: Sandy Tush, Partner – Milestone Leadership


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