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Strengthened by Community…Ninja Style

Are you familiar with the names Jesse Labreck, Sean Bryan, Adam Rayl, and Enzo Wilson? What about Josiah Pippel, and Joe Moravsky? 

If so, then you, like me, are probably a fan of television show American Ninja Warrior. These people are just a few of the amazing athletes who made it to the Season 13 finale this fall.  

I love so many things about American Ninja Warrior. 

One thing that makes it so inspiring is the power of each individual’s personal story. Just watch this year’s season finale to see what I mean.   

Another aspect of this competition that draws me to it is the community the competitors have built. While they are in direct competition with each other, they also cheer each other on. They find joy in each other’s successes and support one another through their disappointments. Watching the collective skill level go up each year demonstrates the power of this heartwarming approach. 

An October 6th article about the show documents some of the most successful warriors’ responses to the question, “What’s the best part of being a Ninja Warrior?”  

The responses fell into three categories: inspiring others, the community, and the love of movement.  With only slight adaptation, I see those same categories as motivation to join together in industry-specific leadership development programs. One example is Milestone Leadership’s Leadership Circle for Suppliers 

  • Inspiring others – As a successful professional, you have opportunity to share your knowledge and positive energy with others. And, you in turn gain inspiration from those same people. 
  • The community – I had a call recently from a friend who works in the same industry I do. She was having an especially challenging day and just needed to talk. It lifted my spirits, as well, to visit with her. There is something special about knowing we have people we can reach out to when we need a trusted ear. 
  • The love of movement – What do you substitute for “movement” in the context of your work? Bringing nourishing food products to families? Maybe to their pets? Making lives of busy parents easier? Equipping sports enthusiasts with the gear they need? If you work in the supplier community, your love for getting your product to the people who need it serves as a powerful motivator. That inspiration is shared by others who also work in the supplier industry. 

Like successful Ninja Warriors, Leaders Worth Following seek opportunities to sharpen their skills in community with other Leaders Worth Following. 

Our next Leadership Circle for Suppliers kicks off in February 2022 and is taking registrations now. 

Written by: Sandy Tush, Partner – Milestone Leadership

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