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Thrive vs. Take a Dive


When I planted my foot and left the ground, I knew my trajectory wasn’t going to take me far enough.  The fence was a little higher than I calculated and I ended up in a heap on the ground. It was when my friend said, “let’s go down to that gate,” that I realized there might have been a better route to my house. Had I just taken a little time to think through the options…less blood, fewer bruises. And I would have been home sooner.

Read before jumping!

Funny how the decision to develop a better plan doesn’t often come until there is a little bleeding or bruising. In the spirit of helping my fellow leaders worth following avoid the need for major medical attention for themselves or their business, here’s a list of 5 signs you may need a strategic plan.

  1. You have no confident or consistent answer to the question, “Where does your organization need to be in the next three to five years to thrive?”


  1. Someone asks where your business will be next year and you don’t have an answer.
  1. Your organization arm-wrestles constantly over how to allocate resources.
  1. Employees and customers cannot clearly communicate what you do and why you do it.
  1. You know where you want to go but are not clear how you will get there.

You’ll be amazed at the progress when every part of your organization is aligned against a set of accurately assessed, easily communicated and vision oriented choices made to get you where you need to go.

You don’t have to go it alone.

At Milestone Leadership, we’ve helped businesses and nonprofits develop essential strategic foundations to support effective leadership for years.  Solidified by clearly articulated values, we create a three to five year vision through a process intended to focus the team’s energy. We stay engaged throughout the process of building a unique plan, and we continue to support the leadership team with critical follow-up and an executive review process to ensure accountability. Shall we talk?


Written by Alex Cornett, Partner – Milestone Leadership

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