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Time Is a Resource

With summer fast approaching, you can see excitement in people’s faces as the sun shines down, illuminating every detail.

Smell the fresh cut grass and the summer rain. Hear the birds chirping to say hello and goodnight.  Feel the sand between your toes or the blades of grass on your feet. Taste the tart yet sweet freshly squeezed lemonade on your tongue. Oddly enough, it feels like time is slowing down.  

However, it may feel like time is approaching faster than you you’ve been anticipating.

Do you look at your calendar full of planned vacations, baseball games, holidays, work trips and family reunions? Yet, all while you’re making sure you still mow the lawn, exercise, see the grandparents or in-laws, spend an appropriate time outside, walk the dogs and make sure you don’t miss a loved one’s birthday? 

Did you feel stressed out just by reading that? Perhaps you relate to feeling like time is slowing down and you feel more prepared for what is to come…but maybe, like many of us, you feel like you never have enough time to fulfill all the tasks and events planned?  

I would suggest we can look at time differently.

If we’re thoughtful, time can be a resource to us no matter the pace of life or how booked our calendar might be.  

A professor once told me,

“Time is one of the greatest gifts we will receive.”  

I often fall into the trap of thinking, “I just don’t have enough time,” or “Why is there not more time in the day?I go to bed thinking about all the things I need to get done the next day and wake up already feeling behind.

How silly is that?

It’s the morning; I still have the full day ahead.

Oh, but what about that rare occasion when I sleep in? How dare I!  

No matter how you are feeling about summer coming around the corner, I invite you to challenge yourself with me.

Let’s look at this season as a reset…a mindful reset.

Time is our biggest resource, whether we’re tackling a fully booked calendar or we’re walking through a slower summer pace.  

Here are practical ways you can plan to use time as your resource this summer: 

  1. Utilize your morning and evenings as a mental reset. Listen to your body and what it might need: physical activity, social time, reflection time, escape, imagination or practicing personal interests. 
  2. Schedule your days, along with the months. Make sure you’re not overcommitting yourself to things you cannot control. Schedule breathing room and be aware of your capacity. Commit to not over-scheduling. 
  3. Extend yourself grace if you don’t follow your schedule exactly. Feel a sense of freedom to go with the flow of life and the pace of the day. Look to the sunrise as motivation and sunset as peace.  

Please be kind to yourself this summer season. Remember, there are 86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes and 24 hours in one day.

Be thankful for the newness in every day.

Time is a resource, not a loss.

Time is a gift, not a hinderance. 

Written by Brooke Woessner, Project Coordinator for Milestone Leadership

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