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Timeless Truths from Our Video Archives: 2-Minute Culture Crash Course

As we continue our journey through some of our favorite archived video of conversations between two leadership icons, we recognize that some truths are so simple, clear and undeniable…yet the details are where even the best of us can get hung up.

We hope you’ll view this quick 2-minute clip of retired Walmart CEO David Glass and Milestone Leadership‘s founder and former Walmart COO Don Soderquist talking about culture and the enormous difference it makes in helping greatness emerge from good enough. Listen for the lessons:

  1. Complacency is the enemy.
  2. Own your blunders.
  3. Mavericks help make you amazing.
  4. Take risks.

At Milestone Leadership we’ve come to understand  leaders worth following recognize the best lessons are often learned through finding a way out of adversity. When organizations are open to new ways of thinking, caring deeply and communicating clearly about what matters—and leaving room to push past the status quo—it’s nothing short of amazing what can be achieved.

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