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Timeless Truths from Our Video Archives: I Wonder


A lot of people are experiencing sleepless nights right now, along with an inability to quiet racing thoughts and big questions. At Milestone Leadership, we’re not well-equipped to help with sleep problems…but we ARE really good at helping people dig into the kinds of work-related challenges that keep them tossing and turning at night.

We’d like to share a video from our archives featuring the words of a phenomenal leader at the top of his game. It’s a humble reminder that we all struggle at times with who we are—not just as leaders, but as people. Yet, we all have the capacity to behave in ways that inspire trust and demonstrate our commitment to do our very best work.

To be a leader worth following requires intentional actions and recognition that helping others to succeed doesn’t diminish one’s own success, but actually magnifies it.



From all of us at Milestone Leadership, we wish you good rest, health and happiness.


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