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Timeless Truths from our Video Archives: “Impossible is an Opinion”

There are so many things about life and work that feel somewhat impossible at this moment in human history. Leaders at all levels from every point on the globe are seriously grappling with how to keep organizations above water, how to help employees stay productive and how to project what business will look like in the future—not a year from now, but even a month from now.

We invite you to view this video from our archives entitled, “Impossible is an Opinion.” It features a conversation with retired Walmart CEO David Glass and Milestone Leadership’s founder and former Walmart COO Don Soderquist. Together they describe the potential for achieving far more than what others might consider impossible—recalling a fond memory of one of the most famous and widely publicized Sam Walton stories in Walmart’s history and lore.

We’re not saying that leading through these unprecedented times is going to be easy. It’s not. Yet, we know that leaders worth following find ways to challenge themselves and their teams to push through incredibly difficult circumstances by setting a high bar and figuring out together how to make it happen.

From all of us at Milestone, we wish you health, happiness and perseverance.

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