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Timeless Truths from our Video Archives: “What is your business?”


Are you finding yourself in professional circumstances these days that have you seeking answers to a lot more questions than usual? One of the most important things a leader worth following can ask of others at any level of an organization is, “What is our business?” The vast majority of people, when queried, will offer the obvious answers. At Milestone Leadership, we believe it’s very important to go well beyond the obvious, and we make it our mission to challenge leaders to dig deeper personally and professionally. Looking through our video archives for timeless truths, we found a short but powerful interview we did a few years ago with Bill Pollard, retired chairman and CEO of ServiceMaster.

Especially now, you may be at a point in your leadership when you are trying to make sense of work flow and grappling with how to keep business moving forward in the midst of turmoil. For some forward-thinking businesses, the interruption of normalcy actually creates an opportunity to look at the people in your organization and make some bold choices about investing time and energy into growing and developing them for the future. Consider how important it will be in the very near future—as well as for the long game—to have team members who are exceptionally well trained, highly capable and able to do their very best work every day. For so many businesses, we’ve entered a make or break phase. The best way to weather such a time is to commit giving employees the knowledge that affords them and the organization the very best opportunity to not just survive…but thrive.

From all of us at Milestone, we wish you health, happiness and perseverance.

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